Dentist Receptionist?

Dentist Receptionist?

Dentist Receptionist?


The only requirement should be office experience and/or a professional attitude.



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Orthos&dentists help (retainer)?
I think you shoud try getting another retainer.. Braces are alot of pain. If you dont want to have to put them in again, i strongly suggest that you get another retainer.. at least thats what I did

Why do the overhead lamps at most dentist's offices have tin foil on the handles?
I've seen the same thing and I also think it's a barrier so they don't have to clean the handles between patients - pop the foil off, put a new tin foil on. I don't know if it's an approved barrier or not, but I will say that my current dentist doesn't use any *barrier method* (ROFL) at all...

Switch from bio medical science to dentistry?
You can - probably. It'll be an expensive first year with fees at 9K, A Dentistry course is 5 years, any reason for not going into Dentistry this year instead of Bio med?

My chances in these colleges?
You can do pre-dental anywhere, not only in schools with dental colleges. State universities do not admit very many out of state students, so CSU anything (Long Beach, Fullerton) don't belong on your list. Focus on the private colleges like UOP and the others.