Dentist tooth extraction?

Dentist tooth extraction?

Dentist tooth extraction?


its true, it hurts like hell....i got mine done at age 25 and i cried like a baby......make sure you have them numb your gum by the tooth cuz it will hurt like hell if they dont, and you feel everything...... get your cheek and gum by the tooth numbed...broth is good for a few days.....make sure you get some antibiotics, cuz infections are common after wisdom teeth extractions...hope you heal up soon....get rest and eat before you go, cuz you cant eat for at least an 1 hour after the extraction


Haha (: I was seriously so freaked out the nurse even asked me If i was nervous. I just got 2 teeth pulled yesterday because I need braces /: I went in and they put this bubble gum flavored jelly on my gums. This numbed up my gum tissue so that way when they put the Novocaine shot (The numbing shot) in it wouldn't hurt as much. Some of the jelly stuff got on my tongue and it kinda numbed my tounge up, which was kind of weird. Getting your top teeth pulled are much better than getting botth teeth pulled because when they numb the top on a small portions numb, but if they're numbing the bottom then your whole entire lower jaw and tongue are numb which really sucks, Anyway, after putting the jelly stuff on comes the "bad"part. I closed my eyes and the dentist gave me my Novocaine shot on top of the tooth and behind the tooth. I seriously didnt feel a think. At all. Haha (: Afterward i was told to sit there for a little bit so the numbing can set in. I sat there and my top lip slowly started feeling numb and it feel like its swollen (really its not). 10 minutes later they begin the tooth extraction. Idk what they did but there was a super loud crack noise and it was probably the worst noise ive ever heard. The whole tooth extraction part seriously took 2 min and the nurse put the gauze in your mouth. There is a lot of pressure but it only takes a second! Afterwards I had gauze in my mouth for a couple hours and even afterwards I was in no pain! it was great(: I felt nothing the whole time and after! Just afterwards you should eat Soup, and pudding and anything that doesnt require chewing because your blood has clotted and by eating solids you may break the clot and make it bleed again, which really hurts. Haha(: Good luck (:



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