Dentist vs Emergency Room Physician?

Dentist vs Emergency Room Physician?

Dentist vs Emergency Room Physician?



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Where to get dental insurance?
To be honest, the discount plans can sometimes cut off a large amount for you. In this local area, a crown that costs 925 would be immediately cut down to around 500 just because of the discount plan! Yes though, getting dental insurance is so much better than a discount plan. With the insurance...

Oral Surgeon for Implant in NYC or NJ?
NYU school of dentistry will do it and for a pretty fair price also. Since the students have to have live people to learn on they work under experinced dentists and therefore you're given a better rate. I've been there and find it quite comfortable and good work was done.

What classes would i need to take to have a career in pediatric dentistry?
what specifically would you like to do in pediatric dentistry... dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist? depending on which you choose will decide what types of classes you'll need to take.... obviously the dentist will need the most training the more classes.... but in general here are...

Bibs at the dentist?
I am a certified dental assistant and I also do the ordering in our office. Not all patient bibs have a plastic lining on the back. I have mistakenly ordered bibs with no lining and stuff can leak through. i now am very careful to order the bibs with the lining and these do not allow anything...