Dentistry Move Advice?

Dentistry Move Advice?

Dentistry Move Advice?


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I want to be a Doctor but I dont know what kind. What are the different kinds and what they do?
Doctor of Chiropractic Physician, a medical doctor A person who holds a doctorate degree Surgeon, see surgery Dentist, see dentistry Optometrist, see optometry Pharmacist, see Doctor of Pharmacy Veterinarian, an animal doctor Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, physicians in some States Doctor...

DENTISTS & DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Do you recommend Listerine Total Care mouthwash?
My dentist recommended it for me as I had a little gum disease. I see no cons, it just cleans and kills bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease.

Do you think I can get a job in US Dental schools? I am a foreign trained dentist and Citizen of US.?
The honest answer is probably not ... at least not without passing some sort of qualification test again. My wife was in the dental industry in the states and even moving up to Canada would have been required to challenge or retake classes in order to practice up here. The crazy part is in...

How much would sedation dentistry cost?
It depends on the dentist and what type of sedation you are looking for. There is oral sedation (you take a pill by mouth) or IV sedation (they run a catheter in your arm and administer drugs thru the line) Also the dentist will have a base fee for the first hour and then depending on how...

Teeth Implants in UK (ADP Dentist)?
the cost really is dependant upon the number of implants placed and the type of restoration you want afterwards. either a fixed restoration with crowns/bridges (more expensive) or a dentures whch are fixed with implants this can be consideably cheaper. Also we would need to take into the consideration...