Dentistry or biomedical science?

Dentistry or biomedical science?

Dentistry or biomedical science?


if by growth and promise you mean breakthrough research then go for biomedical science, but if by growth and promise you mean financially, you probably have a better chance going into dentistry. good luck!



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Dental Insurance for an 18 year old Canadian?
Dental plan coverage for individuals is not commonly offered because dental needs are highly predictable. For example, you would not pay premiums for your dental coverage if the premiums were more expensive than the cost of the dental treatment you need. Since this is the case, insurance companies...

Doctor and dentist in DC?
Hi, I really can't help with a specific name of a doctor, as I mostly relied on an ob-gyn (you look like you might not need that --) However, take a look at the doctors on staff at Georgetown Hospital (first choice) or George Washington (second choice) and work from there- many of the doctors...

Is there any way to find a NICE dentist in my area?
Call several dental specialists (periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist) and ask them who they would personally see as a general dentist. If a couple of them say the same person, you can bet that they are a friendly, good dentist. As a periodontist, I get to see the quality of dental work...

Is Phoenix Arizona good for a family to live ?
Better be from england.... if your not and your a mexican i suggest not racist place there -.-" and tooooo hot if where you live is not so hot

Dentistry Move Advice?
Every state in the US has a dental board which gives licenses to dentists. each has a different procedure for foreign trained dentists. I'd look at the Florida State Board of Dentistry website and find information.