Dentistry or biomedical science?

Dentistry or biomedical science?

Dentistry or biomedical science?


if by growth and promise you mean breakthrough research then go for biomedical science, but if by growth and promise you mean financially, you probably have a better chance going into dentistry. good luck!



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What do I have to do in terms of school to become a Dentist?
Generally, in a 4-year college, if you go pre-med or pre-dental, you will be doing a bio major or some other kind of life science related course of study. There are obviously exceptions to this rule: For example, you could be an English major, but there will be a recommended set of "pre-med"...

How can I get my teeth fixed if I have not insurance and can't afford the price of a dentist?
for a correct answer you did not mention which of your teeth is giving problem.i am a dentist who can solve your problem free of cost and i am the best one.

Low cost/free dental care central florida?
Go to a dental college or dental hygiene college. They are open to the public and cost less. Search for dental colleges or dental hygiene programs by state then go to the school's website and call.

If I get a bachelors degree in dentistry at one college and then apply to Harvard Dental School,(clep credits)
I don't think CLEP credits will hurt you, so long as you took all the science/math courses or other courses that are needed for Dental School at the college. Credits like Pychology or American history can probably be satisfied by CLEP. You don't get a letter grade for CLEP--it just transfers...

How do I say this in French?
L'annee derniere j'ai fait un stage dans un cabinet dentaire. C'etait tres interessant car j'ai pu apprendrebeaucoup de choses et faire de nouvelles connaissances. J'aimerais certainement y retourner un jour. J'avais l'habitude de travailler dans un petit magasin a Londres, mais j'ai du quitter...