Desired effects for IV sedation dentistry on person with high drug tolerance?

Desired effects for IV sedation dentistry on person with high drug tolerance?

Desired effects for IV sedation dentistry on person with high drug tolerance?


I am not in the med field. I am a recovering alcoholic (addict is the same thing) I was told that because I have a high tolerance that anytime I was to be under sedation (knocked out medically) to inform the Doctor so they know how to monitor you properly. I can't stress this enough YOU NEED TO BE COMPLETELY UPFRONT WITH YOUR DOCTOR! Including the last time you took anything and how much. Try to not have taken anything say 48hours or more before you see them.


Be completely honest with your dentist. Adjustments can be made to medications to assist you and there may be additional concerns and contraindications to certain medications. Completely level with all you health care providers. Share your past experiences so they can watch for higher tolerance and shorter duration of action of medications. This is the best way to ensure not only comfort but safety.



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