Did Adolf Hitler truly die on April 30,1945?

Did Adolf Hitler truly die on April 30,1945?

Did Adolf Hitler truly die on April 30,1945?


Don't listen to anyone who says the Soviets cremated him, if the Soviets found Hitler's body they would have skinned him and put his organs in bag and hung them from the top of the Reichstag. The official story is that Hitler and his wife, Eva, commited suicide together in the Fuhrerbunker and then their remains were cremated by Hitler's associates in the bunker. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this actually happened however there's no evidence to suggest he escaped Berlin either. Many theories circulted on where Hitler could be. Some said he was working as a ticket taker in Paris while others say he became fisherman in Japan, which, most likely isn't true. I think the best alternative theory to where Hitler could have gone is that a few days before the Soviets entered Berlin Hitler escaped on board a plane to Ballangen in occupied Norway and then proceeded to board U-354 which was on it's way to Argentina. Again, no evidence that this ever happened, but it's the most relivant alternative explanation out there because at the time the only occupied territories that were still under German control by the end of the war were Denmark and Norway and the only Luftwaffe plane that was going out of Berlin was going to Norway. There were numerous sightings of a supposed Hitler in Argentina and many Nazis fled to Argentina after the war, including people like Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. However there were other ways out of Germany like through the Brenner in Austria which would lead to Genova, Italy, and Nazis would board ships to South America. I say Hitler most likley killed himself in Berlin, however that is just speculation, so who knows...


The Soviets had Hitler's dentist, not just his dental records-and yes, he confirmed that it was his own work that he did on Hitler.


really dude his officials cremated their bodies and they sieg Heiel him for the last time and it was over goebbels killed himself a couple of days after and national socialism was over


The Red Army found his corpse and cremated it so it was him


No he didn't


Yes, there were witnesses that saw the cremated bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler. The Red Army is great and covering up and then distorting the truth.


No, he's here.


He physically died. He still lives on in the imagination of some.


Having felt the kind of POWER! He had - I can't see how anyone could part with this world without attempting come-backs etc. He probably fled to S. America too.



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