Did you know that...?

Did you know that...?

Did you know that...?


is this a true question or an entertaining piece of info!! either way no i did not know about 1/3 of that stuff if this was a real question and i got a chuckle from some of that if it was meant to be an entertaing piece of info!!


Did you know...... Americans consume about 100 acres of pizza a day. When first born a shrimp is a male and gradually evolves to a female, Argentiniens eat more meat than any other nation in the world. When born the white ehale is black. It is estamated that a plastic container will not decompose for as long as 50,000 years. The only part of the human anatomy that has no blood supply is the cornea The bird that lays the largest egg in relation to its own size is the kiwi. If all the gold in the world was dived up every one would recieve 3grams. The human skeleton weighs appx 13 kilos. When a mouse is first born its skin is transperant and you can see milk flowing as it drinks. In a life time the average human can fill an olympic swimming pool with their saliva. You Will swallow 400 bugs and 2 spiders when your asleep in your life time. The first police car was used in 1899 in England. The first recorded car thieft was in 1896 in Paris. Worms can grow a new tail if it is cut of. When a glass breaks the crack travels 3,000kph. The first permanant movie theater was the 400-seat vitascope hall in new orleans. In 1904 the ice cream cone was invented. Youll drink 16,000 gallons in your life Take your weight divide it by 3 thays how much your leg weighs, More babies are born in september than any other month. By the time you say 3,000 puppies. 3000 puppies were born in the us. You inhele 75 millions of air in your life. The first meal on the moon was roast turket ,eaten by Niel armstrong and buzz aldrin. 1 in 3 snakebite victims are drunk. Every year 5000 people injure them selves shooting pool. A hippo can outrun a human. A bumble bee can pull 300 times its weight. Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the bible and cats arnt metioned once, If you counted 100 stars a minute you can count the entire galaxy in 2000 years. Every day 1 acre of trees breduce enough oxygen for 18 people. About 8% of your total weight is blood. The average car has 15,000 parts. Metal shrinks when its cold, thats why the eiffel tower is 6inches shorter in winter. 1 million seconds = 13.5 days Sand melts at 3,100*f Kangaroos cant walk they only jump. Dont forget to give me best answer for this .


I only knew the Seinfeld fact and the cockroach fact. About the cereal fact, I guarantee you that I consume much more than that if we're talking about breakfast cereals!


Interesting stuff! I learned: 1. If you're on a diet don't lick stamps 2. Keep the short people away from hippos


he Electric Chair was not invented by a Dentist. It was invented by Thomas Edison but he sold the patent to a Dentist so the Dentist could start a company that made electric chairs. The Dentist made the first electric chairs with a wooden foot rest so the first people killed in it were literally cooked to death. The Dentist didn't know that the chair had to be grounded so the current would pass through the body and kill the person through electrocution. Saudi Arabia does have rivers, they just dry up during the dry season. No one thought turkeys came from turkey. Turkey's are indigenous to North America. It was given the name Turkey because it resembled the Guinea Fowl of Africa, not Turkey. Another name for the male Guinea Fowl was the Turkeycock. The male of the Guinea Fowl and the male North American Turkey made the same mating display with their tails. Hence the choice of the name for the new bird. Human teeth are not as hard as rocks, granite is far more harder. All the words that have no vowels actually do have vowels. The letter "y" is both a vowel and a consonant.


no i didnt except for the cockroach one thats the only one ive heard before


Most interesting items, all i knew was about the cockroaches, they actually starve to death. Now all I have to do is find a way to apply all of this to my life and I'll be set.


I knew a couple of those, but thats pretty cool. Did you know... Half the world's population have seen at least one James Bond movie. LOL Just about 3 people are born every second, and about 1.3333 people die every second. The result is about a 2 and 2/3 net increase of people every second. Almost 10 people more live on this Earth now, than before you finished reading this.


i knew some of them...you sound like that annoying piece of paper that shows up on the morning news at my school....


No, but did you know toasters are really robots, here to take over the world?



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