DIY dentistry is safer than DIY home wiring why can people see how dangerous it is to guess with electricity?

DIY dentistry is safer than DIY home wiring why can people see how dangerous it is to guess with electricity?

DIY dentistry is safer than DIY home wiring why can people see how dangerous it is to guess with electricity?


I really don't know, I wish they left that up to the professionals. All I know is that it ends up costing them more in the end, because when my crew shows up to their house they have to spend almost an entire day back tracking to un-do the home owners mistakes. Hope that helps


DIY wiring itself isn't inherently dangerous. However, if you have to go to a web site to ask simple questions about it, you had best leave it to the pros.


Breaking a tooth or hitting something you shouldn't is very easy to do. For point of refrence Dentists in many countries refrain from doing fillings at all because of how easy it is for infections to KILL there patiant. If you were to do this and ANY medical problem happened as a result you would be facing willfull child endangerment and child abuse. 50 of 50 states take this more seriously then shoddy electrical work,, Doing this yourself will almost definitly lead to infection. And if you still refrain from takeing him to professionals you could also be looking at murder charges. You may shortly there after find yourself being electricuted intentinally for a change depending on your state. I hope so, since leatheal injection is far to good for you. we can only pray as you pursue this idotic line of thinking that you kill yourself in some comical way so we can laugh at you on the darwin awards. you justify every nastsy thing people say about Americans, and are a disgrace to the human gene pool, noone in this country out of there teens as the right to be THIS ignorant on matters of medicine and noone in the universe has the right to treat there children more casually then there homes. If you endanger yourself guessing with wires it affects only you, if you burn down your house it can be rebuilt, if you do this at the very least you will shatter any confidence your child has for you and quite possiably lose him ither through child servies or death. none of which is risking just yourself, and none of which can be rebuilt.


Jesus H. Freaking Christ!- Go ahead, you sicko,I know this is B.S. but your vehemence is too sick to be absolved. If you must, drill into your own teeth-anything less would be cowardice. If you are OK with that then continue on your own sick quest. Until then shut your finger taping "mouth" as it were.



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