Do all of my teeth needs to be fixed before braces??help plss!!?

Do all of my teeth needs to be fixed before braces??help plss!!?

Do all of my teeth needs to be fixed before braces??help plss!!?


No that's the point of braces to fix your teeth. But get it cleaned before getting braces nd do it during the time u have braces bc u cn get cavities very easy wit braces nd every month u cn change the colors. The wires itself isn't colored. The rubber they put are colores so u cn change it every month. I had braces nd I did it based on holidays.


Yes, you do need to get your teeth fixed before getting braces. like, cavities, and stuff like that.


generally the braces fix your teeth, so you don't need to fix them before or after. I got mine 6 months ago and they have developed a new type or braces that don't require the colours. but i don't know if that is what it is like where you are, but i reckon get multi coloured, not white because they just get dirty and look weird, yellow or green i think


you dont need to fix your teeth before braces as that what the braces are for! :) and when i had them i changed the colour of them pretty much every time i went lol just dont get green or yellow as it looks like you have food stuck in them!! and white also looks kinda strange but pinks good :) xx


Well I have braces and I didnt have to fix the crossbite and overbite cuz the braces and rubber bands do that. I don't live in ca so idk about the good dentists. And you should get your school colors for your braces(mines is red and black). Or you can get metallic purple and black or your fave colors!


braces suck but once you get them off you will be happy, trust me. Get all white, not with metal but its like all white. They do not stand out in pictures as much.



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