Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?



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Do they do a surgical extraction at the dentist on in the hospital?
Your Dentist will do it. I have had this done a few times. Nothing to worry about.

Does this really sound like "Click"?
Any good teacher will tell you to steal and lie. Steal other people's ideas, but lie enough so they aren't too easily recognized. When Leonard Bernstein wrote "West Side Story" he took the essentials of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," but lied about it. Instead of old Verona, he moved it...

Who has the final say?
You have complete "say so" when it comes to dental procedures. Dentists, of course will suggest a coarse of action.... which will include x-rays and cleanings, possibly fluoride treatments, bleaching, and when necessary... drilling out cavities, root canals, and prep trimming for crowns (caps)...

One liners?
lol, funny

Where can i get low income dentistry for a root canal?
Dental schools will not see you for one root canal. They need patients with multiple disciplines of dentistry needed. It would also take about 6 months to a year for you to actually get treatment started. A root canal should not wait that long. Try and see if you qualify...