Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?



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I need a picture?! (hurry please help im @ school and need it quick)?
there are a few good ones you can choose from here. (just copy and paste)

I wanna become a Dentist, what courses do I need to be savy in.?
you need to enroll in the science program at college and from there go into a dentist program in uni. Or at least that's what I was told by my dentist when i used to want to be one. (changed my mind though!) doing some advance math courses, chemisty, physics if you can will save you some time...

Advanced periodontal disease, dentures and a lot of run around...?
Please search your area for a prosthodontist. I have been in the business for 15 years and have seen about everything. The disappointing fact is that one wants to get dentures to end the problems and it actually opens up a history of more. Once bone has been lost in the lower arch, only a...

Are there any decent places in Orange County Fl. and or Tampa that take section 8???
Ybor City in Tampa is not just a good place to meet people but also to find work.My dentist hired an assistant he met in Ybor and rented her a house he owned with Section 8 vouchers.Medical assistants usually come to Florida to get education and experience then move back north where the pay...

Whats all there in sn to buy?n what really is it in delhi?
Sarojini Nagar Market started out as the local shopping area for the huge Sarojini Nagar Government Colony, a housing project for junior officer level employees of the Indian Central Government, as well as the state Government, built in the early 1950s. Until the mid-1960s, both the housing...