Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?



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Getting braces soon and need to know what to do?
ok ive had my braces on for 2 years now and u do get used to them so dont be scared! well for breakfast eat some tortilla chips or doritos or something bc once the braces are say bye bye to hard things (like chips) u might wanna eat some apples and oranges bc its a major hassle to eat them...

How can i keep my teeth white?
Twice a day proper brushing and once a day flossing of your teeth will keep them clean and healthy. In addition avoid soft, sticky foods and in-between meal snacks. this is the best way out and is said by a dentist only. Most toothpastes are at least mildly abrasive to buff and polish away...

Not A question Here is some info on Free and low cost dental services?
I think you should post this list once every day. So many of the people coming here are asking for exactly this information. Yes, HM is right in saying that there can be problems with obtaining cheap or free care, but I think (hope) many people understand this is just part of the deal.

Any dentist in grand rapids,mi?
Hi Im a dentist do you have an email address? Are you in pain? Are you missing teeth or are they just badly decayed?

I have a 5 year old grandson who is mentally handicapped. I can't find a dentist for him.?
I agree with SandyK about taking your grandson to a pedodontist. I worked as an assistant for one for about 4 years. We had disable children in our practice with their disabilities ranging from mild to extreme cases of autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. Pediatric dentists tend to be...