Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?



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How to become a dentist in the military when you're enlistede?
nope it is not possible/ to be a dentist you need a DDS.. which means.. an undergrad degree, a medical degree and THEN the specialization for Dentistry.. 10-12 years worth of full time college.

Kid's Letters to President Bush u like them?
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some states let you see if a dentist has made any malpractice payments within the past 10 years or so. If they made a payment it means they were sued. Go to your state's website and search for your dentist and see what comes up. Or check out and see if they have anything that will help...

1980's Kansas City College of Nursing and Dentistry?
I'm just spit balling here... but it could be... If the school closed before some people were able to finish their degree, they would not have to repay. Those who finished would still be required to pay them back. just a thought.

Does Miley Cyrus have fake teeth?
Miley cyrus has crooked front teeth and crooked side teeth.. she can not get braces because has you may know braces take over a year to make your teeth straight..and she is on t.v. so she has to use veneers, the dentist put them over her teeth to make them look straight and not to crooked....