Do dentist and doctors wear uniform to work?

Do dentist and doctors wear uniform to work?

Do dentist and doctors wear uniform to work?


A lot of them change when they get to the hospital. In high-risk areas like OB, some ICUs (like our burn unit), and surgery, they have to wear hospital-provided scrubs like the staff. In the ER, the doctors usually change into scrubs with the exception of a few who wear business casual to the ER. Some who come in because they are on call or their patient is sick will wear regular clothes but throw a hospital scrub top on. It looks kind of funny. I imagine they wouldn't wear the scrubs on the subway, bus, etc just in case something happens and someone wants medical advice. Some hospitals do provide scrubs for certain areas. My first job provided scrubs for the ER staff too. I currently own my scrubs at my current ER because they require different colors so I have two different colors to choose from.


i'm sure they don't wear uniforms out of work!


You own your uniforms and wash them at home. I rarely wore my uniform to the grocery store. But if I did, my name tag was OFF. A locker at work would commonly by 12 inches square, if you got one at all.


Doctors and dentists don't usually wear uniforms. If you are asking if those who wear scrubs wear leave the house in them, well, it depends. Some have a few pairs at home and will wear them in to round so they don't have to hassle with getting a new set. Others always get a new set there and wear street clothes in and out. Few physicians wear scrubs anywhere outside the hospital or office. It's tacky to wear scrubs out and screams "look at me, I'm a physician". Most docs I know are even uncomfortable stopping off at the grocery store in them.


I've never seen them wearing uniforms at all, unless they are in the military.




they change sanitary sake



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