Do people "choose" to believe in god(s) when they choose to suppress creeping doubts in their faith?

Do people "choose" to believe in god(s) when they choose to suppress creeping doubts in their faith?

Do people "choose" to believe in god(s) when they choose to suppress creeping doubts in their faith?


Sure some people might, but you can't apply that to all people. I can only speak for myself. I have doubts on occasion, but when doubts arise I investigate and seek answers. I don't have everything figured out, but I have yet to have doubts that cannot be answered to the point of outweighing the reasons that I believe. I cannot be 100% sure that I'm right, but I'm pretty darn close to it at least on the fundamentals of Christianity. Maybe that will change (I keep and open mind as much as possible), but so far I have every reason to believe my faith is reasonable. Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to check your brain at the door of the church, in fact it really is the opposite.


Far from it. It is not a matter of suppressing doubt at all. It is reasoning through the doubt, thereby strengthening ones faith. Certainly early in faith development doubts come in concerning even the existence of God. As one reasons through the issue and gets more knowledgeable this generally ceases to be the focus of doubt. I have no doubt now of God's existence, and have not had since when I was an atheist and discovered God. Now my doubt is on side-issues. The nature of heaven and hell, the role of other faiths, the meaning of the Scriptures.


Without any positive proof one way or the other, a person that is Atheist is just as much a Faith believer as a person who is Christian, since the Atheist believes that there is NO God, but isn't 100% sure either. Both sides are therefore, doubters to some extent. Those who "choose" to be Atheist, have been influenced to the point of believing the way they do to the point of almost being sure of themselves, or they wouldn't be doing it. Almost. There will always be some doubt, until this is proven one way or another. And the same goes for the "Christian" or other religious person, they have also been influenced to the point of believing almost 100%. Still some doubt. A person who is brought up on an island, with no teachings one way or the other, would find it hard to take sides. The influence needed when young, is gone, and so, with a late start, taking one side or the other would be difficult. But when people say they "choose" to believe one way or the other, they are actually saying that they have been influenced to the point of making the decision to choose what road they take. Life is nothing but influences, and choices. The cup of coffee smells good in the morning, but the old acid reflux says, "no way" a choice is made. Coffee and heartburn, or no coffee.. Fear of what happens later is also a suppression of doubt. Having doubt about God, and then fearing what might happen later after death, suppresses the doubt. A conscious control over belief.


If I were 'all knowing' I could follow this. Since I know I am not all knowing, I have started with belief which I then looked into. I always thought God etc. were bigger than I am, yet I still value my opinion. So a mesh. If I couldn't find truth in what I believed, I wouldn't follow it. Yet I was drawn, no other word. But yes, I would agree with your premise. You will ...naturally...think things when I say I don't entertain doubts...I will likely be labelled, called names. I am not fundamentalist, though. I just study the bible, avoid labels.


I choose to believe Christians will fail to comprehend this question.



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