Do they do a surgical extraction at the dentist on in the hospital?

Do they do a surgical extraction at the dentist on in the hospital?

Do they do a surgical extraction at the dentist on in the hospital?


I have had all surgical extractions done at the dentist.


Sounds like a dentist job. Even if they do need to do it at the hospital you will still need a referral from the dentist to have it done, not the GP. Sorry.


dental extraction will be done by the dentist in a dental centre/clinic.


Extractions can be done at both a dentist and at a hospital dental department. Sometimes a dentist will refer you to the hospital dentist for an extraction - maybe the extraction needs a general anasthetic, you need lots of teeth out (say all wisdom teeth at the same time) or other reason. Perhaps your GP can refer you to the community dentist - many surgeries have these facilities or can put you in the right direction, if you have no NHS dentist. You can also call NHS 24 and there is an option in the menu bit for dental problems - although this would be in an emergency. It can be difficult, if not near impossible to get an NHS dentist these days, but perhaps a surgery near you will be able to put you on a waiting list - eventually you may get a dentist!




Greeting of peace to you. A Surgical extraction is done by a dentist which is also known as a dental surgeon. It can be done in the dental chair or in theatre -which is in hospital. It entirely depends on the patients pain thresh hold and finance. In the chair it's less cheaper as the dentist don't use the hospital -which also has a fee. GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE.



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