Do u like the dentist?? do u fear the dentist? do u fear dentists tools?

Do u like the dentist?? do u fear the dentist? do u fear dentists tools?

Do u like the dentist?? do u fear the dentist? do u fear dentists tools?


I do not like the dentist at all. I don't fear the dentist though. I fear the hygienist who I know is going to make it hurt. The tools aren't bad at all. Good dentists are using a new set of tools on each patient and if the equipment is state of the art, it is mostly painless. Except for when the hygienist is scraping plaque.


...Hey, this sounds like the dentist is the worse place on earth to go...we are not killers...we only take care of your problems with the help of technology...people don't have to be afraid! I have patients that like very much to come to me...but of course also people with a lot of fear...and when the fear is so big ...we work under stress, because the patient is calm ...we are trying to do the best to help...


I hate the dentist. Im scared of the drill. When i was young my dentist didnt numb my mouth before he tried to drill my teeth. I screamed like hell and left the dentist with my mouth bleeding but we never went there again and now im terrified of dentists


Going to the dentist is not one of my ten most favorite activities, however, I do not fear him. I see him twice yearly for a cleaning.


I hate the tools...they scratch at your teeth and drill...i also ahte the smell of the dentist! :P I like my orthadontist though,she's really ncie, talkative, and is very gentle!


I hate the needles too. That's the only part it I hate.


i actually think going to the dentist is okay...and i really like getting novacaine. my dentist is really nice and is talking to me and never lets me see the needle...that way i have no idea that hes shooting my mouth with a maybe you could have your dentist sneak it in or something..i dont really like needles but it doesnt bother me as long as i dont see it


Hi don't fear them, but it's not my favourite place to be. I don't have a problem with their sharp tools as long as I don't look. If I see a needle coming at me I am strait out the door.



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