Do you liberal Rush Haters not know the difference between....?

Do you liberal Rush Haters not know the difference between....?

Do you liberal Rush Haters not know the difference between....?


You realize that these companies have to pay rush to advertise on his show? Which results in him losing massive amounts in income next month? Sure he won't loose anything, but his gains will be severely cut back, someone as prestigious as Rush does not let advertisers use his airtime for free. He is losing out on money, obviously people do not understand that Rush CHARGES people to use HIS airtime in order to advertise, if 28 companies are no longer PAYING him to advertise for them, that is a big deal. REGARDLESS whether or not the station or Rush does it is irrelevant, if the station is taking HUGE hits because of Rush Buffet Bandit they are not going to pamper him, they will come down on him like hell fire, THEY employee Rush, Rush does not waltz his fat a'ss in to do a show, HIS EMPLOYER ALLOWS HIM TOO.


Yes. We know that 28 companies have pulled their ads and two stations have pulled the Limbaugh program. You seem really upset about this issue.


I agree, it shouldn't be about Rush's pocket book. It should only be about everyone knowing what a low life he is.


I did not know that... most people outside of radio probably don't...


????? That's a technical distinction. In ordinary language every organization whose advertising money funds someone is sponsoring them. ???? That's one inaccuracy among some liberals -- do you REALLY want someone tallying the billions of COMPLETE LIES told by the right? Really? The point is that if it's not lucrative to have Rush spewing his hate-mongering lies, it will stop. You accuse US of trashing HIM? jeebus


Actually it's now over 40 advertisers.


This is a pretty petty distinction on your part...I don't think liberals are "lying" they just don't care about advertiser vs sponsor.


Apparently they don't understand that provocation is entertainment that pays richly. He has not lost a dime. I don't even like Limbaugh and the rest, but he is laughing all the way to the bank, while riding a wave of manufactured outrage.


Al Franken was right, Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot.



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