Do you think our future will be anything like the hunger games?

Do you think our future will be anything like the hunger games?

Do you think our future will be anything like the hunger games?


18 Male It will be a communistic government. There's steps in motion already for it to take place, and it is actually getting away with for the most part, right under america's feet. Probably not as fun as the hunger games, but a person's rights will definitely not be taken for granted, because they will be taken away.


I think that in 50 years, we will have hopefully found more energy efficient ways of transportation and electricity. I also think that there will be a huge population of people, and that might be a concern. Age: 15 Gender: Female


Dystopian future, but nothing like the Hunger Games. Eighteen, and female.


Male, 20 years old. No, I don't think the future will be like the Hunger Games. I think it won't be all that much different than what it is now, except for maybe having more technology. But that's what I think, nobody really knows.


Male 19 years old 50 years, well maybe the Internet will evolved more. Probably the first flying cars will be invented.


if we are not careful very soon & turn things around we may not even be that well off by then I am thinking things will be more like Terra Nova The first of two Steven Spielberg TV projects. This little show has been dubbed Land of The Lost meets Avatar and takes place in the future, and then later in the past. After the humans have all but destroyed the planet, in the year 2149, a coalition of scientists escape to prehistoric Earth. Together they have to brave the harsh realities of their primitive era, and hopefully figure out a way to fix the future. A few new images were just released today! The show will star Jason O'Mara from the Americanized version of Life On Mars. this was a TV show in 2011 - it got cancelled (I believe it was too deep and scary for people) - it only showed the future portion for a short portion but if we are not careful that is what we are infor we as humans are a Virus on this planet and it is fighting back 51 - female - and for my entire life I have been like Cassandra warning of these things and people have laughed at me



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