Does anyone know a good and affordable dentist?

Does anyone know a good and affordable dentist?

Does anyone know a good and affordable dentist?



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Dentist Question.What can be done with my tooth?
Root canal, post, core , crown is what u need. Just realized why I have stopped answering dental questions on yahoo answers. It's so frustrating because askers fail to give vital info about themselves. In this case ur age and exactly which tooth u r talking about would help me to provide...

Should I sue my dentist?
yes you have a complete right to sue . as a patient/ customer you went in requesting a service that in any other dentistry would be considered simple and normal , the chances of a root canal failing are very low its almost the most common dental procedure to preform and you should not suffer...

It depends where you will study it. In some countries, they would require you to finish the 2-year preparatory course for Dentistry or what they call "Predent" where you'll have to take up basic sciences and other subjects like Math, English, Botany, etc. After finishing the preparatory course...

Dentist and general anaesthesia question?
Yes, and I would recommend it, especially in your case. I am slightly afraid of dentists and got the anaesthesia when I got 4 teeth pulled, I was fine. So, yes, it is usually used in your case and you'd probably want to get it :)

Dentist requirements?
Dental schools require a minimum of 2 years of college-level predental education prior to admittance. Most dental students have at least a bachelor's degree before entering dental school, although a few applicants are accepted to dental school after 2 or 3 years of college and complete their...