Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?

Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?

Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?


There is a company who have just been voted Number 1 in the US for teeth whitening Have a look it might help you Kind regards



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My lateral incisors stick out but the dentist said i don't need braces?!?
A dentist can roughly tell, but you should get refered to a speciallist Orthodontist, who deals mostly with braces. If you live in the UK, the NHS do braces, but only for severe cases, it may be that your dentist tihnks your not eligable enough to qualify for Ortho free on the NHS due to the...

No ins, anyone know low cost dentistry for seniors, on a fixed income.
Not just seniors are on fixed incomes, ya know? MOST of the world, is on a fixed income. For low cost dentistry, see if there's a dental school in your area.

Root Canal or Extraction?
It depends is this an adult tooth or not? If not, then extraction. If it is an adult tooth then the better choice is root canal. Why? Because root canal allows you to "save" the tooth. As for what to expect. A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the mouth , then the dentist/endodontist...

Dentist. Anesthesia 4 year old. scared!!?
First of all calm down you don't have to worry that much. When I was 13 I got like 8 teeth pulled at the same time. All I had was some novicane and it wasn't that bad. The blood might freek her out a bit so keep her mind off it with games/TV. She may not be in best condition so really all she...