Does anyone know of a good las vegas dentist?

Does anyone know of a good las vegas dentist?

Does anyone know of a good las vegas dentist?



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Dentist school help please...?
Are you in high school or college now? Your high school grades won't count at all towards dental school. Your college GPA should be up around 3.6. It can be lower, but then your test scores need to be great to balance it out. You might not make it into the most prestigious dental school, but...

Can a toothache affect your whole health?
it could be infected...i am a dental assistant....i DO NOT KNOW I AM ONLY GIVING YOU POSSIBILITIES....but yes an infection in your mouth or gums can affect your over all health. your mouth is close to your brain, heart, and where you blood starts to filter. my girlfriend had an abcess that...

Options for replacing a missing tooth?
Look into mini dental implants. They are about half the cost of traditional implants. My costs for doing a crown on an implant (not the surgery for the implant itself) runs about 70+%. My cost for just the parts needed to do a crown are about $350, not including the lab costs, front staffing...

Where is a cheap dentist in shreveport that will pull all my teeth and give me dentures the same day?
Shreveport is probably one of the poorest places I've ever seen. I'd think you should have no trouble finding an inexpensive dentist there since there is probably alot of business for them. Try googling 'dentist shreveport' then call and ask them what they charge for what you need.

'India is a good study destination for Malaysian students' or 'Malaysia is a good study destination for Indian?
as far as i know India can be a good destination for Malaysian students and Malaysia wont be a good place for studying for Indian students cos India got better standards in education and more infrastructure in education thn Malaysia , and above all Malaysia is a small islamic country , thts...