Does anyone know people who accept dshs?

Does anyone know people who accept dshs?

Does anyone know people who accept dshs?



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Are there any dentists in Aspen, CO who will take a new patient, cash, for an emergency toothache?
I am not in Colorado, but I can offer some pointers. Any dentist near a city will try to accommodate stranded travelers with a dental emergency, especially if they offer cash. Ask local people at work - you'll get some good suggestions. If you're there for a limited amount of time, a dentist...

Will the dentist laugh or be grossed out by my teeth?
Hi, I am a dentist... Well dont get apprehensive...we see lots of patients daily...its our profession... Many people coz of same reason will never consult which in deed cause much more tooth decay.... Routine dental check ups are very important.. Now leave all these stuff aside...

My brother tooth was hurting then there was a little bubble on top of that same tooth?
this might sound silly but call a vet and have him look at him and he can prescribe a medication for him. because he is a doctor. or you can tell the people at the hospital that he needs to see a doctor like yesterday!! and ask them if anyone has an appointment if they have cancelled or not...

Why don't more dentists know the cause of crooked teeth?
Over 100 years ago it was assumed by dentists that crooked teeth were caused by some genetic problem. As such mechanical intervention, often with the extraction of "additional" teeth became the main stream form of treatment and the GENETIC cause became accepted by the public. We look similar...

I need a crown on one of my lower front teeth. I have Aetna PPO, and already have the implant in. Cost?
If your dentist is a provider for Aetna he should be able to tell you exactly what the insurance company will allow and what your out of pocket expenses will be. I would call and get the price quote before you start the work. Good luck.