Does the college degree from an online college have the same value as a degree from a regular?

Does the college degree from an online college have the same value as a degree from a regular?

Does the college degree from an online college have the same value as a degree from a regular?


Hi, In reply to this question, Does the college degree from an online college have the same value as a degree from a regular?, I can say you that this site because because it might help you in your situation As you described- "Should it not be different?" it might help you. Best of Luck :)


Unfortunately,No! Online degrees just work like a add up to the offline degree. It helps to show the recruiter that you are a active learner and you strive to learn every time.


It all depends on the school and degree you get online. Some degrees require more hands on work, thus requiring a regular degree. But online education has come a far way, and a lot of great schools are offering online classes. Check out this link: It's a great site that will help you find the right school considering what degree you want. It's the site I looked at when i was considering online education as well. Good luck!


I read a bunch of math answers just now most schools are becoming more and more saturated with young people, as we have all grasped reality school starts in high school and if you did not do well then i would imagine for you to start off at a community college as i did however my chance at the community college wasn't used and now I am on the same boat as you will you be able to apply for the job you're looking for and present them your credits and license ? why would it be a scam, the money you're giving them, did you get that money through a scam ? pick a school close by and start already i would if i could pay attention to the job market and don't choose something the people CANT USE! thats the only part they won't tell you, they expect you to do some research before hand right ? online schools are made for people who NEED to go to school ONLINE if you're choosing one because you want to stay home, then im guessing you are also picking a career where 4 walls are your closest friends ? i would go to campus and interact with the teachers and check up on work and ask for study guides and ask as many questions as possible, focus! it's your career i like people and i am choosing to be a medic because i don't mind informing people of what is wrong with them or helping them out through that phase in their life making people feel good at their most honest point in life is really satisfying because i know they really are appreciative and well i was a productive person in society but hey thats just me, look at your skills then check out the job market and SETTLE


Agree with the others that they don't have the same value. If you're pressed for time working and trying to go to school, most state colleges/universities have degrees that can mostly be done online, with some weekend classes and exams being held at the campus. (cheaper, too)


It depends. For instance, some state universities and even private universities have online programs. Those would not be looked down upon because on paper you didn't go to an online school, you went to a regular university. However, if this is exclusively an online program from a place like the University of Phoenix or another school like that then it'd be viewed as a scam.


I don't think so, I went to a University and Majored in History but minored in Accounting, at work we have to take test in order to move up, work for a local government, and with my minor I have been able to pass test that people with Masters from the University of Phoenix in Accounting have not been able to pass.


As long as it's accredited by a respected college, yes. A co-worker got her master's degree that way. She had to turn in a video of herself giving & leading a presentation to a group, too. Also, there were online discussions, seminars, & contact with the professors. Another co-worker has been taking several online classes on desktop publishing. Besides learning how to do the websites & graphics, she's taking it in hopes of publishing her children's book. That's because now the publishers expect the submitted book to be submitted online & ready to print. At least if it's not accepted, she'll be all set for self-publishing. She has to be "in class" & listening to her instructor & ready for class discussion & questions at particular times, the same as any class. Given her tight schedule, it was still easier for her to be at the computer than in an actual classroom during that time. She can listen again at any time, but there's either a requirement or extra points if she's logged in & ready with questions at the right time. So, there's your seminar contact that you mentioned. Incidentally, it's very difficult to get into these particular publishing classes because there's so much demand. I think this package is so new that I can't even remember what it's called. Also, most colleges & universities now offer at least some online classes. It saves on commuting, traffic, & parking & can help students who are scheduling in their work hours & have spouses & kids as well. Even when the class isn't taught online, much of the math homework, including graphing, is done online, & many English papers are sent directly into so the instructors can have some means of testing if the papers were plagiarized from an online source. Then they go to the instructors from there & receive back comments & corrections the same way. One of the toughest classes is the online business English. I've only helped one person from S. America on some of the assignments, but I do know that the grammar is very demanding. Also, I would miss the direct in class presentations. There's something about sitting on the front row face-to-face that does help. Some classes offer both versions, in class & online, btw. What would be really hard for me is that many of the texts used are online, a rental, really. I always encourage people to buy at least a hard copy of the text of an old edition. Also, the library pays for use of academic journals online & can afford to have many more than they otherwise would. Students must take a class in online library research & online citations. Between all that & the graphing calculators, it's a lot for a tutor like me to learn & really a struggle to keep up with the technology.


If the college is regionally accredited then it will have the same value in an academic settings, but maybe not to employers. A degree from the University of Phoenix, for example, is looked down upon whereas a degree from Charter Oak State College is not, even though they are both online schools. In other words, the online part really doesn't have anything to do with it. It's all about the reputation and accreditation of the school.



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