Early Childhood Teachers HELP please!?

Early Childhood Teachers HELP please!?

Early Childhood Teachers HELP please!?


Heather and Mrs. B really gave you some wonderful tips! I'd like to add that you are in for a very fun, busy, active, experience! Working with preschool-age children is both exhausting and tremendously rewarding. It is so amazing to watch the "lights come on" at this age! *You need to be aware that all learning experiences with this age group need to be active, hands-on experiences. They should also be open-ended, emphasizing PROCESS rather than PRODUCT. If you give them a circle to cut out and it turns out to be confetti, remember that they learned how to hold scissors, how to open and shut them, and they have exercised those fine motor muscles they will need for writing. *Remember that what you are doing is building foundation skills that they will need all their lives: how to talk and interact with others, how to solve social conflicts, how to solve problems with materials, and how to recognize letters and understand basic concepts of print that are necessary to reading. They will also be learning basic math concepts measurement, estimating, simple math functions, and basic science skills such as predicting, measuring, etc. *One of the hardest things for a new preschool teacher to learn is how to get the children's attention. You need to be energetic and fun, and sing a LOT! You'll want to use simple tunes and make up the words as you go. For example, when I need the children to come to circle, sit down and focus, I sometime sing the tune Frere Jacques with the words, I am waiting, I am waiting, for my friends, for friends, to come and sit with me, come and sit with me, I am waiting. I am waiting. Sounds a little silly but it's highly effective! They also enjoy a simple Follow Me game when I perform simple actions and encourage them to watch and silently copy me: tapping my knees, touching my shoulders, tapping my head, patting the floor, etc. Each action must be repeated 5 - 10 times to allow all the children to get with it! The last action of course is to fold my hands together and lay them quietly in my lap, as we are ready to begin circle time! *ALWAYS keep your sense of humor! These children are endlessly amusing, even when they are acting out and doing everything in their power to drive you nuts! Of course, you can't laugh when they're angry, but make a mental note of that hilarious comment they made or the funny face they made and keep it in your mind when you are tempted to lose your own self-control, because it will help you remember that they are learning and growing and they can't always control themselves. It's up to you to help them learn that skill! *Most children need a quiet place to go when they lose their composure to help them "get it together." We have a table in our library area, quiet area, where they will sit with a doll, pillow, or books to help them quiet themselves. There is also paper and writing tools. They will make an angry picture, or (for the older ones) write an angry word or two to help them express what has upset them. Then they will talk with the teacher about the problem and we will help them to find a more appropriate solution than hitting, biting, throwing, screaming, etc. I wish you the very best in your new position, and I hope you love and enjoy it as much as I love and enjoy working with these young children! Feel free to email me if you need encouragement or tips!


Did your school provide you with a curriculum of some kind? You should check with your site's director. Also, check out the bookstore. The two major chains in my area, Barnes & Noble and Borders, both have education sections. I've purchased books such as "The Complete Daily Curriculum for Preschool" and "Preschool Math." Both have tons of ideas for activities as well as mapping out a curriculum. The internet is also an awesome resource. Just google things like: preschool curriculum, preschool activities, preschool classroom, etc. GOOD LUCK!



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