Emergency Dentist in Shawnee Mission?!?

Emergency Dentist in Shawnee Mission?!?

Emergency Dentist in Shawnee Mission?!?


give him some Advil or Tylenol


In any event, give him some Advil.



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Do dentist charge extra on clear retainers?
'clear retainers' and those with a 'metal line'are not interchangeable, you can not use one or the other, the condition of the teeth and how they must be retained deictates the type of retainer used. They are basicall the same cost, that should not be a factor...good luck

I have really bad teeth and need help finding help please!!!!!?
find a local Dental School in your area they take patients for far less $ than a Dental Practice ask if they take on indigent clients or will take monthly payments

Cosmetic dentistry..?
with dental insurances, cosmetic procedures are VERY rarely, covered (veneers, invisalign, etc..) only people who get orthodontic (braces) coverage are kids 18 or younger adults are generally not covered for ortho

Dentistery: perio scale & root pin?
I'm sure you mean "scaling and root planing." What about it?

Where is SRX Family Dental Located ?
its not located anywhere. its a scam. I had applied for an admin position and lo and behold, i got an email today saying "Good afternoon, Thank you for replying to our ad on craigslist for the admin position. I've reviewed your application and wanted to let you know that the original position...