I can't relate to bulimia and I am glad to hear your doing better. However, I was born without enamel due to an enamel defect. There is a little you can do but, don't worry teeth can be restored with composite resin to reinforce the enamel. Also there are special fluoride gels (63% stannous fluoride) out there that help protect what enamel you do have on top of toothpaste with high fluoride. Also when you get older you may get crowns or even bonding which help repair and make your teeth look better. So keep on brushing to reduce the amount of cavities and your dentist will help do the rest.


yes, your teeth will rot without your protective enamel covering it. it has been eroded by hydrochloric acid from your stomach with your frequent vomiting. the enamel is the hardest layer of your teeth. deep down the enamel is the dentin which is softer compared to the enamel. your enamel is composed of calcium. you must see your dentist for you not to lose your beautiful smile.



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