Equine and Bovine dentistry images?

Equine and Bovine dentistry images?

Equine and Bovine dentistry images?


Google search images using "horse teeth floating" and you will find many excellent images. Bovine is more trouble. Try "Bovine teeth aging" or "cow dental formula"



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Dr. David Eshom, who has a practice in the UTC area, should be able to point you in a good direction. He has been practicing here since he graduated back in the mid to late 80's. He's been our family dentist since then, when he worked with and then took over our previous dentist's practice...

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Typically, the dentist who offers cheaper or less work is the honest one. If they say all you need is a new filling, get the new filling. It's possible the other dentist charged you for extra work that was not fully necessary. In a similar way, my grandmother has gotten very different treatment...

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