Equine Colleges in the U.S?

Equine Colleges in the U.S?

Equine Colleges in the U.S?


Vernon, Tarleton, New Mexico Junior College, one down in North Carolina but I can't remember the names! I know that's what I am doing but I am going to a colllege in MA, they don't have the western rodeo team, but they are hoping to expand it a little, but there are smaller associations that I ride with on the side of school. But the school offers an amazing Equine course selection! Its Becker College in case you might want to check it out! Good luck though! Hahah if you go to Tarleton you'll be able to hang out with tons of the PBR boys, and even out at the NMJC you'll be right near LJ and Travis ahah!


I don't know anything about colleges with Western Riding, but my friend rides English with the University of Kentucky, and her major is equine business management, not equine studies. A focus on business sounds like you want, not pre-vet. You should also work towards getting an instructors certification outside of school, because that will make getting a teaching job easier.


Heya Im not sure because i live in the uk but why dont you consider a apprentiship ? These are good ways to get into the horse world. and you earn money whilst you work =] xxx


I don't know of any colleges that teach you how to train barrel horses. Colleges will normally teach you the knowledge about horse physiology, phsychology, care of and business of maintaining a horse operation. However, you would likely find a college with a rodeo team or a ranch team somewhere out west. My suggestion? Have a backup plan. Let me tell you a little story. I'm 41 now. When I was 18 I was exactly like you - in love with horses, couldn't imagine doing anything in life that didn't involve horses. My mother told me I couldn't make a living with horses - you had to have luck to do that. I needed to get a "real" education and a career that would support my horse habit. Fast forward 8 years - my sister's in the same spot - wants a career in horses. Graduates from a very good horse college (that since has closed it's doors) and works all over the place at different horse farms and with different trainers. Fast forward 10 years. I have a career in an industry and make good money - I have 6 horses whom I love and can afford, all bills paid and a budget under control - new trailer, etc. My sister has great knowledge of horses, but no jobs available that pay her well to be "big" in the world of horses. Now - that isn't to say you can't do it - but you have to build connections and work every day while in college to network and find the opportunities and push your way to the top. You'll get out of college, try to find work with trainers who'll treat you like crap while you muck stalls and serve them - move on to another trainer and maybe up the slow ladder. Training is a relationship based career - there are many who can ride the heck out of a barrel horse and win every time, but who don't find success in training because they can't interact with people or they don't have the life or work ethics required to succeed at such a career. Some of the people who graduated with my sister have made it big working in the horse world - but of maybe the 25 she graduated with, one or two can say they've really made a big career out of it. I have a good high-school friend who went to William Woods college - a great college that isn't a big successful trainer. Could be for many reasons. Keep your eye on the ball - check what's out there.....unfortunately our economy right now isn't too conducive to success in such a venture. Horse-type careers flourish in an "up" economy, but when people are losing their homes and their jobs, they haven't the time or money for horses. Additionally, with good people and business educations and natural sense, you don't need a college education to make a good business in training. You have to be good with people and good with horses to be successful.



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