Facts about Robert Woofendale?

Facts about Robert Woofendale?

Facts about Robert Woofendale?



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(VCU School Of Dentistry) Without Dental Insurance, How much is a filling?
depends on the size and type of the filling.......may range from $80 - $150 x-rays maybe another $65 (full set)...a single x-ray may cost $12

Why don't dentist or oral surgeon take a payment plan?
Most dentists do not offer payment plans because they have been ripped off too often when trying to be Dr. Nice Guy by offering credit.

What is the rational in using a cantilever bridge in dentistry?
I have probably done less than 10 cantilever bridges in 30 years. Maybe less than 5. The only place I see it as a valid treatment option would be where the cantilever will be OUT OF FUNCTION. One example would be if the patient was missing all of the upper molars on one side and the lower...

Fun games for13-14 year olds?
www.david-farmer.com Im a dentist but in my spare time I run a youth theatre..there's a lot of good ice-breakers, warm-ups, games and exercises on this site for all ages. Too many too list here. Best of luck. ps can I have best answer?!!i need points!

Is the dentist open on good friday?
Which one? I'm not, because my staff generally wants to have the time to get started on things like Easter dinner, etc. Oddly enough, there were no message on the machine today, though, and nobody called me at home.