Fake note for calling in sick to work?

Fake note for calling in sick to work?

Fake note for calling in sick to work?


it wont be hard just ask when u get pain meds



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WWE SIGns!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hey, Rock! Come smell what I just cooked! i like that one lol but they're all good I'd be amazed if u were the one who made all these up, or even half of them! I love them all!

The perfect smile...?
First you should describe what is the perfect smile. My personal opinion is that there is no such thing as the perfect smile. We are all individual and unique to our features. Thank God. Other than oral hygiene the best smile is natural and not forced. There is always cosmetic dentistry...

Toddlers first dentist visit?
Our daughter had her first dentist visit at 17 months..our insurance actually encourages it, basically because they want you to use it every three years for routine purposes and they encourage toddlers to go after their 1st Birthday, so we decided to take our daughter just after she turned...

Where is a affordable dentist to extrct teeth in indiana( terra haute area)?
Call the ADA - American Dentist Association and they will recommend someone or call an Orthodontist and ask the people in the front office who they send their patients too

What is wrong with my jaw? Jaw cracked and hurting for a month?
Sorry to tell you this, but it is more than likely TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint Syndrome)....caused by the deterioration of the jaw joints and the disks in those joints. It can be caused by a dental procedure gone bad, by an injury to the upper neck, shoulders, or head or jaw, by othodontic...