Free low cost dentists in Washington DC.?

Free low cost dentists in Washington DC.?

Free low cost dentists in Washington DC.?


Insurance? Generally, if you dont have health insurance, and you let him know that at the beginning, he'll let some things slide. :)



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I need help finding an affordable heath care or a low cost clinic for a check up.?
Here is a pdf file of free or low cost clinics in LA: Look at your city's health department online to see if they have a city clinic. Good luck!

Does Dan Wheldon's "new look" creep you out?
C'mon ... don't you recall Austin Powers's teeth before/after the dentist? Yes, seeing Dan's makeover was a little surprising, but hey, I think he's his own person and is free to make decisions he wants to make. He looks good, he's engaged to be married now, and he's happy. What more could...

Has my dentist committed malpractice?
Lord, sounds like a chapter of disasters. I'd have a word with the CAB first, though this is the "official word" - "If you want to complain about your dentist, you should complain to your dental practice first. You can do this either by speaking to someone at the practice, or in writing. The...

Any Chicago seniors. Looking for a great apt ?
Stop yelling. And post this in the appropriate place.

Does anyone know about how a chinese educated dentist get international qualified,and work in UK or Europe?
For a doctor to work in the UK from another country outside the EU, they need to complete the PLAB (test / exam). This may be the case for Dentists. Check with the British embassy in your country for details.