Getting wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, driving?

Getting wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, driving?

Getting wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, driving?


You cannot drive home. I dont even remember leaving the hospital. If i would have driven I would have most likely died. Pretty sure there is no other option. IV sedation is basically the only way unless you want severe pain and i doubt they will even do it.


Get a pain reliever to help,Ibuprofen, Look for highest milligram dosage. Just be careful.


yeah they will inject more ! juice to ur mouth so it numbz it more lol ! It wont mke u dizzy but the risk is the nerves in ur mouth to much will effect it 1 . and when u get those cheekz. they will stay puff for a longer period of time ! =] lol HIt me up im my e-,ail if i helped u out okay !


for a about a week.. don't think about it.. and tell then to give you something for the pain.. or take to advils before your drills lolz.


I had my wisdom teeth removed and it was a very easy process with barely any pain at all... The swelling should be gone after 5 days if there's any. They will not let you drive.


There is NO way you will be able to deal with TWO teeth extractions if the wisoms are already impacted unless you are unconscious. The sqirming and the jerking that you will have no control over may cause you additional injury besides the ones the dentist must perform (think 'spliting' your teeth with a hammer and chisle - sorry) Odds are that the dentist may even refuse to perform the work if you opt out of sedation. You will be awake shortly after the dentist finishes, but you will also have some longer term sedation to ease the pain while. THAT will impair your ability to react and think clearly. On top of that it is going to hurt anyway so driving is clearly not a safe option unless you want to postphone your trip until you get out of the hospital (after the accident) THis will sound silly, but why don't you simply hire a baby sitter who can drive. ? You are not going to be comatose, so you just need someone who will help you into a car, get you home and help you in the door. That should cost you a LOT less then the cabbie and if you hurry on it you can pick and choose a bit from the applicants. Then.. just have them on standby and have the dentist call the person when he/she deems you fit for discharge and travel. good luck with the operation.. some go easy, some go hard.. hope you get the easy one... .


I had two wisdom teeth extracted at separate times a few years apart, both times I walked home (I live about a half mile from my dentist.) The missing tooth doesn't cause any pain. Pain and discomfort comes with eating the first few days, and/or if you develop a "dry socket". The most important thing you should be concerned with after the extraction is that the dentist lets you sit there until a blood clot solidifies in the extraction site. Having a good blood clot in there (kind of like a scab) eliminates the chance of dry socket, which I have heard from sufferers that it is the most painful thing they have ever experienced. WET GAUZE should be kept in place over the extractions until a clot forms. Then be very careful for at least a few days not to loosen or pull out the clots. Vigorous rinsing, sucking through a straw, puffing on a cigarette, eating sticky foods, are all things that could loosen the blood clot and result in dry socket. If I recall correctly, it was after 3 days that I could begin rinsing vigorously and using a toothbrush gently on the empty sockets.


This whole experience is going to suck and hurt for about a week. Driving after would be a bad idea!


The only option that doesn't make you feel sleepy afterwards is taking straight injections and nothing else. All you'll be feeling is numbness and will be awake the entire time.



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