Girl Interrupted movie/book (Help) 10 points?

Girl Interrupted movie/book (Help) 10 points?

Girl Interrupted movie/book (Help) 10 points?

slkusractLK If you want a word-for-word source for the answer apparently copied and pasted for you by 'Blix,' Wiki is it. All you have to do is follow the link above to read it for yourself, plus a bit more information. To see the movie, go to any movie rental place and you'll find it, or call and ask your library to see if they have the movie... The link above boasts thousands of titles, but only 'the first three days' are free- otherwise it's $30.00 a month. Whew. I saw (briefly) on another site (which was no good) that this one only costs $2.94 a month, $2 + something. You might want to check it out if you don't use Netflix and want to download and keep movies on your own...


It looks like the movie is available to see on



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