Good pediatricians in Vancouver, Washington?

Good pediatricians in Vancouver, Washington?

Good pediatricians in Vancouver, Washington?



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What university in chicago have dental school, I have no insurance and need someone to look at my teeth? HELP!?
UIC that is the website for the dental clinic there. I am graduating from a dental hygiene program in a couple weeks. If you need a cleaning i would say you should check out College of DuPage Dental hygiene program and you will get an Exam from a...

Free or cheap ADHD Diagnosis for people without insurance in knoxville tn?
Does your college have a student health center? That would be the easiest place to start. If not, it looks like there's quite a few no-insurance clinics in the Knoxville area:

I'm looking for a good dentist in the 60018 ZIP code area?
Dr. Chris Baboulas graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1986. I saw it on the website ....... and it isnt in your county but it is pretty close ... it was in the 60053 zip code area.He can speak foreign languages like Arabic, Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish. I think that...

I need a good cosmetic dentist in Houston Texas any suggestions.?
This site has a list of them at It's a pretty neat site with explanations and photographs of cosmetic procedures, run by a retired cosmetic dentist, and I'm optimistic about his judgment of others' abilities. Good luck!

Cosmetic Dentistry india?
to close the diastema with composit filling in India will cost about Rs 2000/ is't about $40/ & an implant will cost you Rs50,000/ about $1000/ & a ceramic crown for Rs5000/ about $100/ so total about $1140/ its cheap?