Good/Affordable Pediatric Dentist In Dallas Area?

Good/Affordable Pediatric Dentist In Dallas Area?

Good/Affordable Pediatric Dentist In Dallas Area?



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Is calling 1-800-Dentist a good way to find a dentist?
I have used it 3 times and have gotten great referrals each time. The first two times I didn't have insurance and the dentists actually gave me a discount for going through 1-800-dentist. The third time I called them was in June looking for a new dentist who will take my insurance. I got...

Teeth whitening trays?
not really. The gel is basically hydrogen peroxiode. It degrades into water and oxygen over time. The oxygen whitens your teeth and then escapes. As time goes on the gel just stops working because it eventually is all converted to water and the oxygen is gone into the air so you just have...

Are there any Dentist Magazines?
Rather than reading dental magazines, which are written specifically for dentists and would contain terms that only a dentist would understand, I would recommend starting with an oral anatomy book on Amazon or even a head and neck anatomy. If you type in dental books on, it will...

Which of these animal-related careers require only a 4-year (bachelor's) animal science major degree?
You could probably get away with a 4 year education for these careers: • Agricultural Educator • Agricultural/University Extension Agent • Consultant for Nutritional Programs • Embryo Transfer Technician • Environmental Risk Manager • Environmental Technician • Extension Agent for 4-H • Quality...

How much does dental bonding cost (pref. in little rock, AR)per tooth?
The cost of dental bonding depends on what kind of insurance you have. Some insurances would even consider it cosmetic and not cover it at all. The best coverage for cosmetic dentistry and dental bonding in LR. AR, is dentalservice4less. Make sure you have dentists close to you.