Got dentist tomorrow about braces?

Got dentist tomorrow about braces?

Got dentist tomorrow about braces?


To add onto sandys answer to help you stop you can get this 'nail polish' that is okay to place in your mouth, its just foul tasteing and it should help you get out of the habbit :)


I have braces if you have been waiting for months I don't think you will have to wait that much longer, if the dentist asked you just say you have stopped:)



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You can get on the Crown Council website, Academy of General dentistry website or the Pankey Institute website and these are dentists who have advanced education and skill. I would start with a general dentist and also consult with a orthodontist. Sometimes if the back teeth come together...

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Go to the dentist say you need pain relief medicine smething stronger and then ask for note

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Costa Rica is getting known for their Medical Tourism about 90% of it is performed on tourists. Not only do patients save money (up to 80% on some procedures) but they usually take time to vacation with their families as well both before and after the procedures.

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Can't help you for new york, but if you would like to travel to brisbane Australia, you could try Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental :) I did a quick search and found a website which appears to list a bunch of childrens dentists in new york:

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