Has anyone got dentistry done abroad?

Has anyone got dentistry done abroad?

Has anyone got dentistry done abroad?


not a good idea. i've seen some awful things come out of mexico. we have retirees that think they are getting a deal and within a couple years everything falls apart or is decayed around terible margins. not to mention that you want a place that has the high sterilization standards that the us and canada have. it's the old you get what you pay for.


I can only assume that you are asking this question because you are considering seeking dental care abroad. Any non-third world country can have dentists providing excellent care. The only question I would ask is, how in the world are you going to find out which dentist in any foreign country is right for you? It's hard enough for people to find a good dentist in their own neighborhood where they can get recommendations from friends and co-workers. What are you going to do if you have trouble with your dental services six months after you return to the states? QUITE SERIOUSLY, two of my favorite and seemingly best qualified dental instructors in school were from overseas. One was from Iraq and the other from Iran. FAR from Iraq and Iran, as they were practicing in the USA, but they were trained in their homelands. You just can't say what country has the best dentists as a blanket statement.


My friend got all of his teeth replaced in Rio de Janeiro and is perfectly satisfied- he did this for about a third of what he would've paid here, even with the airfare and hotel!



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