Has anyone had laser dentistry??

Has anyone had laser dentistry??

Has anyone had laser dentistry??



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Do i have a malpractice case against a dentist?
You will have to proof negligence. Did the drill break because he was negligent? How often do drills break etc? In the US a good lawyer may be able to give you a more clear answer. If you are in any other country it is unlikely. Consider writing to the Professional licensing Authority if you...

Is there any good dentist in Orlando/ Kissimmee area?
There is a good dental directory at www.smarthealthbuyer.com they may have some good dentists in the area, otherwise they will have prices of average procedures in your area

What is the name of this procedure, when a dentist uses instrument to whitind your teeth?
I agree with poppet! The only procedure I can think of that usues instrument(s) is when you have a scale and polish! Although this is not a whitening procedure as such, for people who have a heavy build up of plaque and tartar, when it is removed it can make teeth appear whiter because they...

How much is dentistry in Mexico? How much is a cap and post in Mexico?
There are many excellent dentists in Mexico. In border towns , some are good, some are not. In border towns they charge more than in the rest of Mexico. Where I live in southern Mexico a post is $100.00 usd and a root canal is $250 usd A crown is $100 to $150 for a molar. A small filling...

What is holistic dentistry?
Stay Away from "Holistic Dentistry" Stephen Barrett, M.D. William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. A significant number of dentists have gone overboard in espousing pseudoscientific theories, particularly in the area of nutrition. "Holistic dentists" typically claim that disease can be prevented by maintaining...