Have you seen a vampire?

Have you seen a vampire?

Have you seen a vampire?


Well I haven't seen a vampire but I have watched a doc called " The Mystery Of The Vampire Skeletons" about vampires in the olden times and the bodies they found were treated very badly with stones in their mouth's and everything. People used to be really scared of them. All though very rare vampire sightings are on the increase. There was an old woman in Barbados who was said to be a " Vampire" but was beaten to death because people were scared of her. Also in a old cemetery inn I think England or America lots of vampires have been spotted in 1971 two girls spotted people coming out of graves. Another sighting was an actual attack on a girl she was pushed to the ground by a tall figure so hard she got wounds! But a car pulled up so the creature went away. Also two animal bodies were found with all the blood was sucked out of them. Thats really all I know. But there is a book called "The Real Twilight" you could buy. Hope I helped Jude -0


vampires don't exist, but your story, if true is seriously creepy. although i don't believe in vampires and werwolf's i do believe in the supernatural, like demons, angels, and God. what else has happened to you????


I wouldve had a nice conversation and some tea with that fellow.


first of all, how AWFUL for a 6 year old to be told they look "evil", no wonder you started to identify with that label when you felt powerless against the bullies. if you supposedly "looked" like a monster, then it would stand to reason that you would imagine being a powerful monster who destroyed the bullies in your fantasy. nothing unusual there, i think. why do you think you're seeing "vampires" out of the corner of your eye? is that enough time to make a distinction? hmm... i do think the man you saw in the bushes was a ghost, a full bodied apparition. vampires in the tradtional sense are mythical. or it was a weird guy who likes to freak people out (yes, there are people who deliberately dress up and do that to unsuspecting strangers) the hooves you hear may be either ghosts or an evil spirit chasing you. PRAY for God's protection. He will protect you. believe in Him. whenever you feel negatively start counting all the things you are thankful for. it's impossible not to feel positive energy when you are grateful. if you continue to have problems with unseen forces, consult a professional. and pray. always always pray. but being the son of a pastor, you already know that.


There is no such thing as vampires. In the whole vampire craze that went through Europe all theses years ago, there has been evidence of particular diseases that made someone turn into a 'vampire' which resulted in the village staking the said person in the heart because of superstitious beliefs. They don't exist at all, it's just a bunch of stories.


i have seen in my dream


Yes it's called the republican party


I am a Vamp, since i was 7 years old. Maybe you have that ability to be able to tell if someone is normal or not supernatural wise.


There are vampires, but they don't tell people about themselves and they certainly don't go around turning people into vampires just like that. They try to blend in with normal human beings in public.



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