Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?

Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?

Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?


i got a filling the day i got it cleaned, aslong as you get the local anesthetic, you will be fine (: just beware of extreme temperatures. (:


It's not really a big deal if you get a filling you just don't eat for a few hours, i had to get a filling few times and i never had pain of it ? The dentist is pretty fun for me actually lol



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Where can i find an affordable dentist office in Atlanta, Ga area?
The Ben Massell Dental Clinic offers service on a sliding scale basis. Dentists volunteer their services to help people who may otherwise have to do without dental care. The phone number is 404/881-1858, and they're located at 700 14th Street in Atlanta. Another option is to contact Emory...

What should i major in Physical Therapist, OT, or Pediatric Dentistry?
All of your options involve graduate school, which I'm not sure if you understood from the way you phrased your question. They all have differing salary ranges, which you can look up online. Each is a fairly different type of job, with varying rigors of training, which is something you also...

Is there a way to be a dentist and travel and the same time?
There are dentists that travel to other countries to do service and have their practices at home as well. You might also look into joining the military or Peace Corps.

How many people want to be dentists or work in dentistry?
First, you need to volunteer in an office to handle odds and ends and to observe the dentist. This is really the only way you'll be able to tell if it's for you. I originally wanted to be a pediatrician, but the lifestyle of sleeping with a pager under my pillow did not appeal to me (I had...

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I found a great dental office in Punta Pacifica right across the street from Multi-Plaza mall. Pacific Dental The staff speaks english and they are great to work with even for my wife who hates dental offices. Tel - 204 8318 Tel - 204 8368 You will have no problems. JM