Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?

Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?

Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?


i got a filling the day i got it cleaned, aslong as you get the local anesthetic, you will be fine (: just beware of extreme temperatures. (:


It's not really a big deal if you get a filling you just don't eat for a few hours, i had to get a filling few times and i never had pain of it ? The dentist is pretty fun for me actually lol



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Dentist that accept medicaid sarasota fl?
If you are over 21 and Florida is anything like Maryland then there are none. How ever contact your local Department of Social Services, or Health Department and *** them if there are any. and If there are any ask for a list of those who do.

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Your picture is quite blurred. In simple term bonding is composite resin material which is applied and light cured like dental fillings. It mostly addresses cosmetic region of anterior teeth. Lumineers are branded veneers thinner and fragile than the standard porcelain veneers. These too are...

Dentist wants to charge $1000 for a mouth guard?
If that is all you are going to get and that is all your dentist is going to do about your TMJ then go elsewhere. Many dentists who do not know how to properly treat TMJ disorders will simply make a splint or mouthguard for the patient and that will be the extent of it. That is NOT how TMJ...

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