Help!! I need a list of cities in the U.S.A named after famous people?

Help!! I need a list of cities in the U.S.A named after famous people?

Help!! I need a list of cities in the U.S.A named after famous people?


Cincinnati, OH Jacksonville, FL Washington DC Jefferson City, MO Hancock, MA Flagler Beach, FL Adams/N.Adams, MA Columbus,OH Amherst, MA Jackson, MS Lincoln, NE Bismarck, ND Seneca, NY/OH Houston, TX Austin, TX Astoria, OR Winthrop, MA


Austin, Texas – Stephen F. Austin Baltimore, Maryland – Lord Baltimore Dallas, Texas – George M. Dallas Jacksonville – Andrew Jackson Houston – Sam Houston Los Angeles – Our Lady the Queen of the Angels Pittsburgh – William Pitt the Elder San Antonio – Saint Anthony of Padua San Diego – Didacus of Alcala, better known as San Diego San Francisco, California – Saint Francis San Jose, California – Saint Joseph This link contains many more cities with the cities' namesake.


This is a list of places in the United States of America which are named after people.


Linclon,illinois-Abraham Linclon


That would be nearly every one of them.



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