Help my 1 year old has cavities!?

Help my 1 year old has cavities!?

Help my 1 year old has cavities!?


I would seek a second opinion no matter if they are the best in the area. I would also stop nursing her at night if you think that is the problem. And stop with the juice. But she may just be prone to cavities. Have they said what you can do so this doesn't continue to happen?


Go to a different dentist that does nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Or a dentist that does sedate. A dentist that says this to hold your child down is stupid and doesn't know what he's doing get a second opinion! Also the night nursing need to stop. At a year old her nutrients should come from food not you.


I'm sorry, but it's complete bullshit that they say they can't sedate a baby for dental work. There IS sedation available to infants, but they will have to do it at the hospital. What do you think they do for babies who need surgery?? My brother, who is autistic, had to get all his dental work done under general anesthesia at the hospital. I KNOW they do it there. They just want to subject your daughter to cruelty so as not to lose your business. Bastards. You wouldn't let someone hold you down and drill, you shouldn't let them do it to her, either. Talk about trauma! Also, no matter what those idiots say, night nursing itself is not to blame. Night nursing coupled with soft teeth could be trouble, and I do think you should night wean, but you can't help that she has soft teeth. Good luck.


Cavaties are not cause from calicum and other nutrients through the night, nore does it come from sucking. She simply has been eating sweets comboed with not brushing properly or just not brushing properly. You really don't seem to have a choice I suppose. The teeth are baby teeth so try not to worry about them themselves, but other only other choice you have is hold her down. That has got to be of luck to you, I hope she is okay.


So the risk of sedation is greater than the risk they drill through her jaw when she is screaming? That makes no sense to me at all. How would a human being be able to adequately hold a 1 yr old down. I agree that if she has cavities, it is not from anything you did. My 6 and 10 yr olds do not have any and they have surely not taken good care of their teeth every single day of their lives since they have taken over the brushing and have had a lot more exposure than a 1 yr old. I would be very concerned that she has cavities at ALL being that the exposure is only for a few months. Even so, the top teeth!? Even if she slept with a mouthful of juice, it is not likely the top teeth would be continuously bathed in the sugar. When they nurse, the nipple is far into their mouth - I doubt that her top teeth have a lot of contact with the milk anyways. I would consult my pediatrician - maybe she has some vitamin deficiency? Then let them recommend another dentist or facility to have her teeth examined. Move slowly - there is no reason to rush this.


I definitely agree that you need a second opinion. This doesn't sounds right, I have never heard of this, that of course doesn't mean it can not be 100% true. I just cant imagine it. And yes kids at this age can be sedated. I have friends whose children have gone through numerous surgeries. Get a second opinion from another child dentist, then go to your Pediatrician and ask for his advice as well with both dental reports. Maybe even call the local children's hospital if it has to be done and see what they think. Also, we plan on taking our daughter to the dentist at about 3, what made you go early? Was she showing signs of distress? Remember Dentist are out to make money too. Lots of times they call for unneeded treatments. I find it weird they even did an xray on a child of a year old. ETA - I just did a little google research and you can sedate them, your dentist is a loone. find a new one.


With proper care, a 1 year old is NOT too young to sedate- they do surgery on babies all the time! You just need to find someone qualified to do it. No WAY would I let someone scare the crap out of my child with a drill while holding her down. Nope, no way. Get a second and third opinion and get her on preventive measures for this- evidently she has enamel issues. How many teeth does she even HAVE at 1 year old? I would also stop the night nursing- a child doesn't need to be fed overnight after about 5 months old. Brush her teeth, put her to bed, brush them again in the morning. NO milk overnight (breastmilk contains sugars!).


Some babies are born with soft teeth. I'm sure you get crap for this but I really doubt that night nursing or anything you did caused it. If I was in the same situation, I would probably hold off on the dental work as long as possible. I just don't see how you could do it to a one year old without putting them under? Edited: Look, my son was formula fed, had a bottle of either formula or milk over night until 13 months, eats sugar (not excessively, but he does eat it) and we sometimes forget to brush his teeth. And he's 22 months and does not have cavities. This is NOT your fault, no matter what anyone says.


how can the say she is to young all they have to do is put her to sleep and pull her teeth .



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