How can I become a teeth implant dentist?

How can I become a teeth implant dentist?

How can I become a teeth implant dentist?



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My son has mass health dental but i want to take him to a holistic dentist, Cont...?
If you're not making a claim on the insurance because you're paying out of pocket it's none of anyone's business where you take him. They absolutely cannot dictate what you spend your own money on... what nerve! This is just a bald attempt to manipulate the dental marketplace in their own little...

Is there anyone who can find a dentist who will give me braces for $200 at the most?
It's just not possible to find a competent dentist in the United States who could do the job for anything like that amount. If you happen to live right near a Mexican border city, dentistry is much, much cheaper there, and you might be able to get close to the price you want. Some Mexican...

DENTISTS!!! please help me!?
If you have an emergency (severe pain, infection, etc...) you can go to your local hospital emergency room where they will treat you, regardless of your ability to pay. While you are there, they will start you on a round of antibiotics if you have an infection. They may also prescribe some...

Does anyone know of a dentist near Madison, Wi. that accepts medical assistance?
Call the Wisconsin Dental Society or visit their website. You should be able to get a dentist that fits your criteria.

What kind of dentist fixes TMJ?
Any dentist who has taken the time to go to advance seminars to learn how to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders can treat TMJ. Functional orthodontists, however, can correct it the most effectively, IMHO. The dentists to avoid are oral surgeons (they only know how to cut) and traditional orthodontists...