How can i brush my dog's teeth?

How can i brush my dog's teeth?

How can i brush my dog's teeth?


people have made bones and stuff that cleans your dog's teeth while he chews on it.


Once you decide it is time to start brushing your dog's teeth, there are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure that it is a success. First, place your hand on top of your dog's muzzle, and pull his lip up on one side as you gently squeeze to keep his mouth open. Carefully tilt his head back and brush the teeth on the opposite side of where you are holding.


We had the same problem with our puggle. We just took an old toothbrush, put a little peanut butter on it and we have never had a problem since. Just don't make it into a toy or a game. I hope that this helps and good luck with your puppy. Don't forget to give him plently of exercise, make him pant and wear him out. Enjoy!!


throw a toothbrush at him and run. (didnt read the question, but yea)


At nine months old your dogs teeth should still be pristinely white with no sign of tartar. So I am not sure why you would be needing to brush them? However, if you feed Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) to your dog as part of his diet. His teeth and he will love you for it. RMB act as a natural tooth brush, by scraping off any tartar as they chew. It will also help with his 'chewing desire' at that age. My dogs all have had great healthy teeth and gums even into their later years, my vet always comments on them - and I have never touched them with a tooth brush. It also helps keep their breath fresh - believe it or not! My dogs teeth are so white... I only wish mine could look that good - lol!


You should let him relax first. Pet him and talk to him a little. When he calms down, then gently ease his lips open. If he snaps at you, then you should stop for a while and maybe try again later. A good toothbrush is one of those baby ones that you can slip over your thumb or index finger. You can buy doggy toothpaste at your local petstore. Squeeze a small amount onto the toothbrush and start brushing. Let him taste it first (the toothpaste). If he likes it, then start brushing on the lower jaw. Then work on the upper jaw. Good luck!



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