How can I find a dentist that actually does sedative treatment?

How can I find a dentist that actually does sedative treatment?

How can I find a dentist that actually does sedative treatment?


Two Things: In regards to your painful root canal and the fact that the freezing didn't take. This can happen quite commonly if there is an abscess at the root of the tooth(which is super common for root canals) because the infection prevents the anaesthetic from working. I myself have had this and unfortunately you just have to grin and bear that. That's not the dentist's fault. I work in a dental office that frequently does complete sedation for procedures whether it be children or simply scared adults. Your dentist you go to now should be able to refer you to a dentist that does sedation and if for some reason they don't want to give it to you open a phone book and check out dentists. Call every dentist until you can find one that will do it. I promise that there are many people like you and you're not alone in your fears.



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