How can I find a veterinary dentist for my dog that's cheap?

How can I find a veterinary dentist for my dog that's cheap?

How can I find a veterinary dentist for my dog that's cheap?


You might call another vet. I am assuming that figure includes blood work, anesthesia, pain medication, antibiotics, having the tooth pulled and the teeth cleaned. If you were to go to an actual Veterinary dentist, the price would be at least double that. Yes, there are dentist for dogs and cats. Check with another vet. If you live in a city, try checking more out in the country where the overhead for the vet isn't so high. Good luck.


All veterinarians are dentists. And GPs and dermatologists and surgeons.... Ring around all the vets you can conveniently get to get quotes. Dentals are routine work so they should all be able to quote you. If you decide to go elsewhere, they can get your dog's clinical history from your current vet. Be aware that the quoted price is not just to remove a tooth, it will include the anaesthetic fee (obviously) and a scale and polish of all the teeth. As there is infection present, antibiotics will be needed which may or may not be included in this price, as well as pain relief. Also think about why different vets charge higher or lower prices - what kind of service are you getting? Chalice


Call around to several different vets. It may very well be that the price quoted is typical since it involves anethesia and probably bloodwork, and they don't just fix the one tooth-they do them all. We had our dog's teeth done a couple of years ago and it was just shy of $300 (no teeth needed removing), but it included bloodwork as well.


Well.... not by a vet. But the dog will need antibiotics. Do you have a crusty old farmer around? He might be able to help. Also check for a horse dentist, some can help. And they will be MUCH cheaper. You can get antibiotics from a feed store.


Vet prices can vary, does that price include pre-surgery bloodwork? If your vet is near the heart of the city he would have greater expenses(city taxes, rent or mortgage payments) for his location so he have to charge higher fees to pay for his expenxes than most rural small town vets will. , even withing big cities prices will vary, if the vet is in an upper class area his fees and generally quite a bit higher than a vet located in the poorer area of the city. Knowing this can save you from calling every vet in the area for a quote


Is there a Veterinary teaching school in your area which might accept patients for the intern vets to gain experience.The procedure would be monitored and it would be a win- win situation.



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