How can I find local dental continuing education courses?

How can I find local dental continuing education courses?

How can I find local dental continuing education courses?



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Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?
You really have to look around in your area. I had my teeth bleached by my dentist (Castle dental) and it was $500. My dentist said it was safe to have professional bleaching 2x a year with each cleaning. I looked around at this other reputable dentist in the area and they have a special...

Why do the overhead lamps at most dentist's offices have tin foil on the handles?
I've seen the same thing and I also think it's a barrier so they don't have to clean the handles between patients - pop the foil off, put a new tin foil on. I don't know if it's an approved barrier or not, but I will say that my current dentist doesn't use any *barrier method* (ROFL) at all...

Who knows any pediatric dental offices in the area of los angeles?
Alhambra-Baldwin Park Dentist Lester Rodriguez DDS? - more info » 1522 S Garfield Ave # B, Alhambra, CA? - (626) 284-6666? Children's Dental Group? - more info » 4444 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate, CA? - (323) 564-2444? Dental Plus Dental Group? - more info » 310 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA? - (626)...

I need help creating activities?
Set up a play area with mats, chairs and office things like charts, flashlights and clipboards for the kids to role-play. Read stories, show pics, but just plant an idea in their heads & watch they come up with on their own. They love dress-up areas.

I need a doctor that accepts medicaid for route canal!?
FL medicaid has a web site that list all providers, including specialists, that accept medicaid. You may need to travel quite a distance to find someone willing to accept it. Many general dentist also accept medicaid but you get what you pay for. If you are a successful/good dentist, you...