How can I get my Dental Insurance to Pay consistantly?

How can I get my Dental Insurance to Pay consistantly?

How can I get my Dental Insurance to Pay consistantly?


First try getting expensive work preauthorized if possible. You send in forms and x-rays in advance to get a form that tells you exactly what they will pay and what your part will be. Then if they give you flack after this, you just make a copy of the form and send it in to them. You may notice that many of these expensive things like crowns, root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, etc are supposed to be preauthorized. Also, send in the info requested, but try being a little meaner. Hate to say it, but insurance companies do NOT want to pay. They will request charts, numbers, x-rays, etc before finally approving it. However, they are going to requiring offices to have a provider #. If your school doesn't have a provider # this may be causing some of the confusion also. The insurance companies now deny claims if you don't have the provider # on there. The paper work is VERY specific. If you don't fill out each blank correctly with correct codes, it will be denied. Make sure you are getting the correct #'s for all.



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