How can I make it into Dental School? I'm nervous?

How can I make it into Dental School? I'm nervous?

How can I make it into Dental School? I'm nervous?



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I have a dental school type question! Please help!?
How far are you into dental school?? Some cosmetic dentistry IS covered in your general dentistry education. Cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and bonding(fillings), Invisalign and more. Obviously some take further education. I think it's best for you to gain some...

Orthodontist/dentist help?
you cant get that for free. dentist can just close gaps, no veneers needed!

Veneers with the dentist?
It depends on the dentist you go with, or more specifically, the veneer that the dentist will recommend for your circumstances. During the consultation he will explain the procedure and that's when you'll find out how much of the enamel will be removed. It's likely that SOME enamel (like a...

What agency deals with dentist offices whose billing practices seem shady?
The state insurance commission, or board labor/wages. In Tallahassee, FL last I knew. I know some hosp can bill up to a year later, don't know why they get away with this, cause they start sending over due notices withing 30 days or so. Keep copies or dispute it in small claims court.

Terrified of dentist!!! shots?pills?gas? what to choose???
Just to give you some background info I will tell you that I was so terrified of the dentist that I couldn't even make my own appointment, my daughter in law had to do it for me. I was so scared that I was crying in the waiting room - I'm 52 years old by the way! The dentist she found for me...