How can I make money by web design?

How can I make money by web design?

How can I make money by web design?


So.. I recommend this method It's a good resource that teaches you how to make money online with internet marketing. It's very easy to use and you start earning the first dollars the very first day. Bye


Hi, That's the 64,000$ question. I'm trying too...My advice - 1)portfolio - build up a portfolio either on-line or cellphone or usb, stuff that u can show off at the drop of a hat- its not enough u know stuff, let other people know that u can. 2)freebies - give stuff away free, build ur rep on-line, pick popular sites - do tutorials etc. 3) word of mouth - get your friends, family, hell even the guy u stand next to on the bus, to see ur stuff and tell their friends. 4)learn from the best - even if its the guy who paints signs for the local bar/restaurant, if people look at his(/her :-) ) work, talk to them. You can't ever know too much. Wish I could give you specific websites and stuff but there are a lot of 'em out there - i try for jobs... Best of luck...please let me know how u r doing :-)


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