How can we get into indian army as a dentist n howz it?

How can we get into indian army as a dentist n howz it?

How can we get into indian army as a dentist n howz it?



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How do I answer this interview question?
The only way I can answer it is to ask you a question - why did you apply for the job ? I know you probably need a job and may be applying for anything you can get, but why did you apply for that particular job ? Did it look interesting to you ? You can always say that this is something...

Can a general dentist do braces well?
An orthodontist has 2 to 3 additional years of learning. A dentist can get his or her training in 2 years. An orthodontist spends 4 to 5 years in a dental college.

My husband needs a dentist?
Call a Franklin or surrounding county Dentist.........they should be able to tell you who can do this at a very reduced cost, or no cost at all............

I am a college freshman. Should I pursue Pre-Dentistry?
How are your hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity? They should be excellent for you to be a happy and successful dentist. Dental schools strongly prefer that the required pre-dental classes be taken in a classroom at a four-year college or university. Try one required pre-dental science...

Missing 1st upper right molar, can my 2nd molar and wisdom tooth on the same side raplce the gap?
Hi Jim, You do not say your age, but the answer is related to your age. If you are young enough and have a maxillary first molar missing, the second molar and third molar will drift forward as the year go by and they can actually close the gap, but it will not be ideal because they will tend...